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What is E liquid ?

E liquid (liquid smoke) supplies for the electronic cigarette , E liquid as a supplement material blank Cartridges . the role of liquid smoke is stored in a Cartridges inside , generated by the atomizer spray for people to smoke after smoke . Each has a Cartridges inside a certain amount of liquid smoke . liquid smoke will be on sale through the vial packaging . There are a variety of tastes and levels to choose from. Buyers by adding to the Cartridges , tobacco tar inside their own to reduce the cost of the use of electronic cigarettes .

Ingredients is E liquid?

Smoke fluid extraction technology is the use of high technology to extract from the leaves of aromatic oils , phenols, ketones , etc., can fully reflect the natural tobacco aroma of essential oils and special treatment via nebulizer . The chemical composition of tobacco is very complex and usually divided into a large non- nitrogen compounds , nitrogen compounds , and inorganic salts three main components containing monosaccharides , disaccharides , starch, Yu cellulose , pectin , resins , proteins, amino acids , aromatic oils, polyphenols , etc., some of which are not conducive to human health . Extraction of liquid smoke only harmless , but also reflects the unique aroma of tobacco , smokers had to meet both the health of smokers without affecting the demand for tobacco essence.

E liquid instruction:
Method 1. Take out the e-liquid cavity(small white plastic bottle) from the used cartridge, the small bottle can be poured out directly or can be stabbed out by a needle from the little hole in the cartridge. After taking out the small bottle, you can see a layer of silver paper where you drip 2-4 drops of e-liquid, and one cartridge can be refilled about 5 times. The e-liquid may be inhaled into mouth or fed into cigarette pole because the silver paper will be much broken after too many times refill.
Method 2. Hold the atomizer flatly, drop 2 to 4 drops of e-liquid directly into the trigonal frame material, then put on the cartridge after e-liquid permeates totally.